Food Menu


Steamed spaghetti made with fried mushrooms, green peas and carrots.

Fred’s Ranch Signature grilled Kajiado dorper/goat meat, served with a jacket potato and a sauce dip.(1KG)

Mbuzi Fry


Sweet, slow-cooked mbuzi prepared in thick gravy, served on a sizzler.(1KG)

Something from the West…Traditional Ugandan-style organic chicken, prepared with natural herbs only.

Kienyeji Chicken


Hot skillet of tender traditional chicken, slow-cooked in rich chicken sauce, served with a boiled egg.

Tender and juicy Oven-Grilled Chicken, infused with mild fresh herbs.

Slow grilled pork ribs, seasoned with Mustard and Chef’s special marinade, glazed with barbeque sauce.

A mixed grill of Pork spare ribs, wet-fry goat, 1/2KG Mbuzi choma, choma sausage half grilled chicken served with mixed…

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