Food Menu


Grilled Chicken wings served with Ranch barbeque sauce (Portion of 8 pieces)

Beef Skewers


Tender marinated beef cubes and grilled shards of sweet pepper.

Beef Samosas


A portion of three samosas and Chilli salsa dip

Slow-cooked beef shanks, deliciously braised and served with a side of fried plantain and guacamole kachumbari

Tender Beef flakes marinated in garlic butter and served with oven-baked potatoes, tossed mixed vegetables

Lamb Shank Special


Fall-off-the-bone tender leg of lamb in thick lamb  sauce, served on a bed of sweet potato mash, with creamed Managu

Dry-Fry Lamb


Chopped dry-fry lamb served with sauteed potatoes and thousands Island sauce

Boneless Chicken Goujon’s, sauteed with button mushrooms and chicken veloute served with sauteed potatoes

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