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When you think of an outing in the great outdoors with your friends and family, the road trip doesn’t get any better than one of the top hidden gems in Kitengela. Fred’s Ranch & Resort is an integral part of Kajiado Getaways, setting the standards for excellence in vacation experiences, just 70 kilometers from Nairobi City Centre, built on a 10acre farm, with its Cowboy theme spread against the natural background of beautiful lawns, haystacks, dairy cattle and smiling faces.

And most importantly, we love our food! Our chefs serve organically prepared dishes, fresh from the farm, designed to titillate your palate with the delectable Kenyan Cuisine of tender meats from the grill and traditional vegetables from the farm. Fred’s Ranch and Resort is a great choice if you’re looking for the best Nyama Choma places in Kitengela. 

The easy Rhumba Music playing in the background as you enjoy your favorite cocktail or have a dip in the exquisite swimming pool is definitely the perfect escape from the hustle of the city. Truly, we are among the best places to visit in Kitengela. But let’s not try to explain it too much…you have to be here to understand That Fred’s Ranch Vybe!

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Enjoy your dining experience either at  the Garden restaurant or swimming pool restaurant where we serve local African Cuisine in an exciting and breathtaking atmosphere.



Book your event through our reservation office to cater for your corporate functions, tours,  weddings, celebrations, meetings, team buildings and school trips.



Enjoy the comfort of our Apartments, our Cottages or Camping tents for accommodation each with a luxury of its own to suite your  needs.



Engage in Rhumba Music and a rustic ranch and cowboy feel to entertain you and keep you delighted as you explore the various activities offered.



Enjoy our farm to fork experience by touring the Fred’s Ranch Farm and exploring our animal products and fresh farm vegetables.


We are passionate about the hospitality industry and revolutionizing the hospitality experience in Kenya and Africa through character, innovation and excellence.

We specialize in different meat delicacies in accordance to our client’s likings. From Fish to Beef to Pork to Chicken, you name it, and it will be professionally prepared by our long time, professional chef. Our meat delicacy is one to remember for a life time, the type of meal that builds memories and creates lasting impressions.:
“If you haven’t had our nyama choma then you haven’t had nyama choma yet”
We have the perfect spot where you can gather with your family and friends and celebrate on your big day. Fred’s Ranch is the perfect wedding venue area; its within your budget and within the comfort zone for every guest that you invite. We will sort you out on the needs that you require for your big day from linens to flatware, banquet chairs and so much more.
“The perfect place to tie the knot”
Our accommodation gives you ‘a home away from home’ kind of experience. We have three different options of accommodation as follows: Our Cottages are warm and cosy done with the African Makuti feel. They are fully equiped with TV, Wifi and Warm showers. Ideal for couples and individuals.
Our Apartments are spacious and warm fully equipped with kitchen equipment and TV. These are ideal for a family or a group. Our camping tents give you a wild experience with washroom amenities available. They come with bedding and an arranged bonfire experience to warm you up. Ideal for groups and couples.
Our camping tents give you a wild experience with washroom amenities available. They come with bedding and an arranged bonfire experience to warm you up. Ideal for groups and couples.
“your luxury & recreational escape”​
Special entertainment is arranged to cater for your function from Team building facilitation,music from live bands and traditional music entertainment.We also play a wide range of rhumba and country music.
Kids are able to engage in horse riding, swimming, kids play ground fitted with slides, swings and bouncing castle with a Mascot to keep them engaged and occasional face painting and arts.
Adults have the option to do a tour of the farm where they learn about drip irrigation, animal keeping, biogas plant and fruit farming. They get to swim, go for horse riding, play volley ball and football as they take part in coordinated dancing from time to time.
“Staying motivated is what we do to keep our swimming pool fun and entertaining.”
The Fred’s Ranch farm offers an agritourism experience where we learn about animal keeping, drip irrigation, fruit farming and Biogas plant.
We rear over 40 cattle and 500 poultry within a one acre land (conservation) Zero Grazing Their main Main feeding diet is Maize Fodder,Silage,Lucern grass and Napier Grass. Learn about Milk Production for domestic and commercial use, Local Beef Production and Biogas production.
In crop farming learn about drip irrigation where we plant mainly farm fresh fruits and vegetables. 90% of all Vegetables and fruits produced at the Ranch are organic Farming. We also carry out Self Propagation of Trees, Fruits and Flowers.
“We give your children an idea and inspiration of what an outdoor farm looks like, and educate them on various livestock and farm behaviors”​
Fred’s Ranch School of Hospitality is an institution designed to build a character of humility, diligence and excellence among the youth in Kenya who are passionate about the hotel and tourism industry.
Our flagship courses, Diploma in Food and Beverage Service and Diploma in Food Production are specifically designed to grant the students an intense practical experience through our partner Fred’s Ranch & Resort as well as an in-depth understanding of the industry through qualified and experienced lecturers.
This intentional immersive learning experience will equip students with the knowledge, familiarity and confidence that they need to operate in any hospitality establishment in Kenya and beyond.
“A center of excellence in tourism & hospitality”
Client Count
Nyama Choma
Peace Kyomugisha

It was awesome. Fred himself came to greet us and I loved the way he spoke. English definitely because he knows not everyone knows Swahili. The mere fact that an order doesn’t take forever is phenomenal.

Getrude Mogaka

I was there jana. That place is so beautiful.. cool environment, welcoming staff, delicious meal. Everything tick. My babies loved the place even more. Coming back soon. Thanks Fred’s Ranch for your hospitality.

Stacey Zayne

This place is so sweet. I cant wait to visit you again. Big up team

Maggie Mukoma

Your Mbuzi Choma! So moist and yummy… Even our four year olds ate it easy!!

Kennedy Chepsoi

Best place to chill with freinds

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